Protecting Removable and Embedded Flash Devices from Hackers

Protecting Removable and Embedded Flash Devices from Hackers

Friday, January 26th at 10am CT

TMC and WES Tech Sales are proud to present another FasTech Technical Seminar with Swissbit featuring Flash Memory Security – Protecting Removable and Embedded Flash Devices from Hackers.

Flash memory and hardware-based security devices can provide protection against hackers. Hardware based security provides robust protection against counterfeiting and phishing, while also providing identity and access management, authentication and data security. Swissbit’s hardware solutions includes embedded and removable memory, FIDO2 hardware tokens and Hardware Security Modules.

After the presentation, stick around for our Trivia Contest and the chance to win one of 3 awards of your choice, valued at up to $100. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive prizes.

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Ryan Hathaway Applications Engineer

Seminar Presenter

Ryan Hathaway

Applications Engineer

Our presenter, Ryan Hathaway is an experienced Applications Engineer focusing on embedded memory and security. He has years of experience with the deployment, testing and troubleshooting of embedded memory. As a Swissbit NA security expert, he is always excited to discuss security, cryptography, and creating safe environments without returning to a technological Stone Age.

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