Arrow Lattice Workshop

Future-proof your Design

Hands-On Workshop

November 9th, 2023 (in-person only)
9 am-1pm (lunch provided)
10900 Hampshire Ave South, Suite 180
Bloomington, MN 55438

Lattice Semiconductor is committed to supporting the low-density industrial FPGA market and has once again shown this by releasing their new MachXO5-NX.

Built on a new low-power FD-SOI process, the MachX05-NX includes all the features of a modern CPLD replacement FPGA that you would expect – on-chip flash for easy boot-up, on-chip ADC, 3.3V IO support, and logic densities from 25k to 100k LUT. Looking to do a bit more? They’ve also been at work developing Propel; their new RISC-V based softcore processor. Add to that the improved DSP resources and you have quite a capable low-cost, small-form factor FPGA.

Come join the Arrow and Lattice hands-on workshop to learn how Lattice’s next-gen MachXO5 incorporates all these features into one device, and simplifies your design efforts in the process. This proven technology is on it’s 5th generation rev, and it just keeps getting better and better. The new MachXO5-NX incorporates best-in-class security to ensure integrity of your intellectual property, and larger on-board memory to enable more complex control applications. All this, and it’s simple to use with Lattice’s award-winning software and development tools. Lattice and Arrow will help demonstrate how easy it is to take your designs to the next level with an FPGA solution.

This workshop will feature experts on-site helping you through the design process. You’ll come away with an understanding of Lattice’s capabilities and tools, and how to use them to implement your next design. And you’ll leave with a free MachXO5 Development Kit (a $210 value) and a 60-day temp license for the necessary Lattice Radiant tool set.

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